Our Donations

Stuffed with Love is committed to bring happiness and hope to children undergoing treatment for heart defects both locally and abroad. In order to complete this mission we divided ourselves into two branches local:Boston Children's Hospital, and international: Heart Care International. We chose to donate stuffed animals due to the fact that children's hospitals receive lots of monetary donations each year. While this is  good the children do not see the masses of people rallying behind their recovery. We wanted to be able to give the children a physical symbol of hope that they may be lacking at such a strenuous time in their lives. Each animal donation corresponds to the animals on the back of our shirts, and each animals has a custom Stuffed with Love t-shirt to show the children all the support that is behind them. Help us provide hope to children with heart defects one shirt at a time!!!

Stuffed with Love donating over 300 stuffed animals to Boston Children's Hospital on February 9th, 2019 and April 20th 2019

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